Latest SPACE Show Was a Success

By George Deljevic

On May 20th, the talented Dexter High School students of the SPACE Club performed in front of a huge audience in the high school CPA.

Acts such as Barry Megler, Stewie Weber, Jake Lamb, Zach Barnes, and singer Kate Emrich redid the hit single “Let it Be.” The talent didn’t stop there, Craig Rafail performed one of his songs and blew the crowd away with his amazing guitar skills.

Many more acts took the stage as student, after student gave all they had to make it a great night. The most popular group was Dark Serenity, the group was Jake Lamb, Zach Barnes, Kate Emrich, and Chuck Farnsworth.

“It was a really successful night,” senior Stewie Weber said.

The show went on for four hours and they didn’t waste any time going from band to band. Colfox, Dark Serenity, Stewie Weber, Rhain Prevost, and Molly Wing were all big names. Their music was to be heard all throughout the school and it wasn’t anything to hide from from.

“It was like a real concert, it was really cool” performer and Dexter High School teacher Barry Mergler said. “It was a very, very spiritual night.”

The night was most memorable for the seniors who were performing. From shows at Foggy Bottom their freshman year, to blowing everyone away on their last show as high school students, all of the DHS seniors had a great time playing in front of their parents and Mergler, the teacher they learned to play guitar from.

“I really saw their musical talents blossom,” Mergler said. “I couldn’t believe what I saw; I cried because it was so special.”

The night wasn’t just for the singing either. The student-run group “One” was

there to raise awareness for Polio in third world countries.

Each ticket was put towards the movement and the group raised quite a bit of money in such a short time. Mergler said the performance raised $550.00 in all for Polio awareness.