Hidden Gems


Here’s a fair warning:  if your parents aren’t paying for the meal, you might want to look the other way: it’s pricey. Black Rock is a mix between an upper class and a middle class restaurant.

When going in, the restaurant gives off a welcoming vibe, so welcoming that you feel apart of the Black Rock family. Unfortunately, it’s hard to be part of a family that seems to always have a hour-long wait time and won’t take reservations. Luckily, Black Rock allows call ahead seating, which isn’t that different from a reservation.

After waiting for around 20 minutes, I was escorted to the back of the restaurant. Most of the restaurant was filled with either people waiting or servers constantly running back and forth, so it made it difficult to navigate the restaurant comfortably.

When I got to the table it was presented nicely with a large table with plenty of space to move around. Considering the size of my meal, the space was not only welcomed but needed.

The restaurant’s signature calls for a volcanic rock to be heated up to around 700 degrees to cook food with, meaning they give you a hot rock and have you cook the meal yourself. Cooking food on a volcanic rock is a strange way to prepare a meal, but it’s a fun experience that allows you to cook your food the way you want.

I ordered a 25-ounce steak to split. Now before you freak out about how much the steak probably cost, it was only $39.99; at most places you couldn’t get a 10-ounce steak for less than $20. It was fun process making the steak, and the servers were very helpful: they gave a walkthrough on cooking and how to not get burnt. To add on, the steak was phenomenal.

Despite being pricey, Black Rock is a great experience that provides fun along with a tasty meal.



Eating at The Broken Egg was an interesting experience. Located in the front of downtown Ann Arbor, it’s in a convenient location, right next to a parking structure.

The restaurant itself is in a building that is shared with other businesses; being only a small section, it felt cramped. The hostess was polite and escorted us to a table as soon as we entered.

The restaurant looked like the inside of a old home, but it gave off a good vibe and made it feel more comfortable to be there. It took about 10 minutes before a waitress came, and when she finally did, she was rude and impatient as if we were a waste of time. She took our orders and left to go to her other tables, and didn’t come back to check on us until food was done.

It was a Sunday morning. A basic breakfast of sausage, eggs, hash browns and toast was the choice. When asking the waitress to switch out toast for a pancake, the waitress rudely said it would cost me $7.50 to add one pancake because they “don’t do substitutions.”

Overall, the food was good. The sausage and hash browns were delicious, eggs were okay, and the toast was good.

The best part of the whole experience was the hot chocolate. The hot chocolate at The Broken Egg was the best I have ever had in my entire life. It was rich and creamy, and it even came in a special mug.

The hot chocolate made the bad waitress experience worth it tenfold. I wanted to get another hot chocolate, but I stopped myself before I ordered 20 more.

Despite the waitress, the experience was not a bad one, the food was good, and the meal was cheap. It’s a good place to go on a Sunday morning, even if it is just for the hot chocolate.