Music Review: Selena Gomez’s “Revival”

By Kelsey Crosby
Special for The Squall

In Gomez’s new album Revival she starts it off with the song “Revival” talking about how she’s breaking away from her old life in search for something better.

Selena’s first line is, “I dive into the future, But I’m blinded by the sun, I’m reborn in every moment, So who knows what I’ll become.” Selena has a variety of music in her album from slow, calm music like “Nobody“ to more upbeat and fast songs such as “Me & the Rhythm.”

Gomez pours her soul into every song she writes and sings with such grace. One of her songs, “Sober,” stands out in a different way; you can’t make an exact connection with a person she’s writing about. She says, “when the bottles done, you pull me closer.”

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Music Review: Coldplay’s “A Head Full Of Dreams”

By Owen Wesorick
Special for The Squall

When I first listened to the album A Head Full of Dreams, it confused me, because somehow, Coldplay managed to span an entirety of different moods in their music, including upbeat, sad, and everywhere in between; yet every single song managed to sound exactly the same.

That said, there was a definite difference in quality between several songs on the album. Some songs, such as “Hymn For The Weekend”, were actually really good. They included unique background beats and synth parts, which allowed for some much needed variation in the album.

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Music Review: Fall Out Boy’s “American Beauty/American Psycho”

A pop punk side project makes their way into the spotlight.
By Steven Li
Special for The Squall

Formed in a little village of Wilmette, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, Fall Out Boy made their way into our radios with their pop rock music. Rooting from Chicago’s hardcore punk scene, bassist Pete Wentz and guitarist Joe Trohman formed this band as a pop punk side project. Vocalist and guitarist Patrick Stump and drummer Andy Hurley would join the band later. This four man group hit the stage with their first debut album, Take This to Your Grave, in 2003. The band gained success and a dedicated fanbase and their music took off from there.

From lyrics written in a trailer, Fall Out Boy premiered their first single “Centuries” from their sixth studio album, American Beauty/American Psycho, September 8, 2014.

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The Hidden Gem Reviews: Mexican Style

On their Mexican adventure, two Squallers found ‘the best burrito’ they’ve ever had
By Amanda Fileccia & Lexi Heath


    At the corner of Stadium and Liberty a local go to is hiding some of Ann Arbor’s tastiest treasures. Taco King is a fast casual restaurant that serves all of your Mexican needs. Attached to the restaurant is “Tienda La Libertad,” a Latin American grocery store. This added an authentic vibe but did not make up for the lack of background noise. It was extremely quiet except for the TV that only played infomercials. We only saw one staff member, who took our order. It took about 10 minutes to get our food.

Their menu included everything you could think of. We dined on their enchiladas, one burrito, and two tacos. The burrito did not compare to the superior taste of Chela’s and the tacos were quite similar. The enchiladas at Taco King were outstanding. They each came with a different type of meat inside: ground beef, chicken, and shredded beef.  Our total for all three meals was $23.30. This was a great deal considering each plate came with beans and rice.

Illustrator - Kate Mesaros
Illustrator – Kate Mesaros


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Music Review: Tungevaag & Raaban’s “Russian Roulette”

By Jenniina Kortesalmi
Special for The Squall

Tungevaag & Raaban is Scandinavian dance music producer duo. It consist of two DJ/producers, Swedish Robbin Söderlund and Norwegian Martin Tungevaag. This is their first album together but separately they both have produced albums before at the same Electronic Dance Music genre. They became a duo and started to produce music together in 2015. Besides Tungevaag & Raaban, Charlie Who? was working with them to produce this album.

Russian Roulette was released on November 27, 2015. The album consist only of four songs: “Russian Roulette,” “Samsara,” “Parade,” and “House of Mirrors.” They are all EDM genre. Their single “Samsara 2015” reached No. 1 in Finland, No. 2 in Norway and No. 4 in Sweden. It also sold platinum in all three countries.

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Music Review: Beyonce’s “4”

By Maddie Wright
Special for The Squall

In Beyoncé’s album 4 there are a variety of mature hit songs that express love in relationships that will make an impact on you to last a lifetime. Beyoncé is a powerful artists that has an interesting  a way to communicate and relate to many situations in her life that her listers are can relate to. Her songs in 4 are never a boring listen and never run short on making you want to listen more.

Beyoncé is aiming for something challenging with album 4. The album 4 is relatively risky with songs that extended from a soft and eloquent vibe which resembles a similar artist to Beyoncé: Adele. Adele has stunning voice to which she can portray her emotions very well much like Beyoncé does in a variety of songs from 4.

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Music Review: Lindsey Stirling’s “Lindsey Stirling”

By Bri Cannistraro
Special for The Squall

Who says music needs words to be amazing? If you do, listen to the Lindsey Stirling album by, well, Lindsey Stirling.

She is a magnificent violinist with skill far that she puts into songs that no one could match even if they tried. She integrates other instruments into her work but her violin is what does the most amazing with it.

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Music Review: Sam Smith’s “In the Lonely Hour”

By Erin Evans
Special for The Squall

New artist, Sam Smith, released his debut album In the Lonely Hour in 2014, and since then, six of his tracks have raced to the radio. The young artist of 22 blends pop and sentimental soul in a dramatic manner. Almost two years after the release of his first, professionally recorded full-album, this album is still popular.

The album begins with an upbeat, electronically mixed song that tells listeners of Sam Smith’s sincerity. He belts that “I [Sam] don’t have money on my mind,” but in fact, he sings for the love of his fans and family. Despite the quick beat of this song, his voice comes through as pure and calm, and it is certainly a song that fans can energetically sing along with. The next track completely shifts tone, and it keeps audiences listening.

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Music Review: Childish Gambino’s “Camp”

By Joey Hiser

Special for The Squall

Donald McKinley Glover, also known as Childish Gambino is a famous rapper/actor. He first started his career off as a actor, comedian and an a musician. He was born at an Air Force base located in California on September 25, 1983.

Glover is currently 32 and is still active in the military as of 2002 until now. He grew up with two loving parents who took care of him and went to a local high school and went on to continue his education career at the New York University Tisch School of the Arts.

After college, he continued to write many mixtapes along with playing as an actor in popular TV shows and movies like The Martian and Adventure time. In 2011-2012, his music career took off. He published his first album called Camp. 

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Wings ‘n Things: The Next Hot Restaurant in Dexter?

By Steven Li & Ethan Stairs

Special for The Squall

Wings n’ Things is a small family-owned take out restaurant that is lost among Dexter’s many popular restaurants such as Aubree’s or Red Brick. Nestled on the corner of Broad Street, you could easily past it if you don’t pay attention but you better double back and stop in for some inexpensive and delicious food.

As we first walk win, we were greeted by friendly cashier and a waft of delicious scent from the grill. You can immediately see how small the restaurant. The entrance look straight into the kitchen. We happened to go after the dinner time rush, so there was no wait. The cashier was very helpful and patient as we look over their large menu. We are able to order and get our food in about 10 minutes.

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