Club Sport Struggles

The difference between school and club sports is unfair By JIllian Chesney Here at Dexter High School, there are many sports that are not recognized by the school, and subsequently are categorized as club sports. Field hockey, lacrosse, freshmen baseball, water polo, and equestrian are the club sports at DHS. These sports are only given a varstiy letter if they meet the set requirements.

Take A Knee

If you’re worried about the flag, you’re missing the point By Tessa Kipke Michael Brown was just 18 years old when he was gunned down by a white police officer. He was unarmed. Eric Garner was strangled to death in public while repeating “I can’t breathe” over and over again. The police officer who killed him went unpunished. Kendra James was 21 and the mother of two. Philando Castile was 32, and his girlfriend and her young daughter were in the car with him. These stories of unjust and tragic…

Little Caesars Arena: How Does it Compare?

The new Little Caesars Arena vs Joe Louis Arena By Michael Waltz  Little Caesars Arena in Detroit is the newest and second largest ice hockey arena in the world. It will not only be the new home for the Detroit Red Wings but also for the Pistons basketball team. So how will it compare to Joe Louis Arena? Will it have the same feeling of excitement and intensity? Will we still be Hockeytown? These are questions many people are asking themselves. Here’s my take on the new arena.

Utimate Disrespect

Peacefully protesting is every American’s right, but doing so during the anthem is misguided By Jacoby Haley The athletes of America have been protesting social issues more than ever. In response to wrong doings in America, athletes have taken it upon themselves to kneel as a form of dissatisfaction with the country. A protest about social issues is more than acceptable and often deserving, but it’s the way that said protest is carried out that makes the difference. The actions that are being taken to perform this protest are completely…

Our View: Homecoming is outdated and needs to change

By the Squall Staff The homecoming dance at Dexter High School is an unfortunate casualty of the times. Something once so revered with a central spot in high school life has become little more than a reason to throw a party  anywhere but the school. Year after year, without relief, the dance itself has been watered down into something that barely constitutes a dance, let alone something meaningful or worthwhile to attend. The mobilization of dozens of chaperones, the acquisition of a DJ without a Spotify account, and the brilliant…

Clash of the Ages: Netflix Versus Cable

A major shift in the entertainment industry By Mitchell Sterlitz Since its origin in 1948, cable has been the premier source of entertainment for most Americans with a television. What could possibly be more popular than hours and hours of entertainment just a click of a button away, and with only a few advertisements here or there in the programming? Well, there might actually be an answer to this question, in the form of Netflix and other streaming services.

Our Generation’s Taste

The problem with music today and how our generation glorifies the seemingly untalented By Joe Ramey In a world of classics and musical talents, this generation of teenagers seems to take a liking to overly edited, and somewhat untalented artists who are just as uncreative as the last. With exceptions too few, the last decade is riddled with artists and songs that are shameful in some regards when put up against its predecessors.

People in Limbo

How our under the bed approach to refugees is in drastic need of repair By Tate Evans We live in interesting times, a point in history where almost 20 million people are given the label of refugee. They crossed borders not because they wanted to but because they were forced to by persecution and violence.However, we are woefully failing in responding to their needs, and many of us simply don’t know it even if they have the best of intentions. The average response many of us would think to respond to…

Letter from the Editors

Opinions of a teenager who may or may not be qualified to offer life advice but is going to do it anyway By Caden Koenig We made it. Thirteen years in the Dexter system. Same faces and places. Most likely, at least for me, my friends have been the same since I went to Bates. I have gained and lost a few along the way, but the main core of friends I have known for majority of my life. That might be the hardest part for me; Thinking about leaving…

Letters from the Editors

Opinions of a teenager who may or may not be qualified to offer life advice but is going to do it anyway By Nick LeBlanc It’s been 17 years at Dexter, 12 in Dexter schools, four in high school, and three on The Squall staff. High School has been a wild ride. As cliche as it might sound, DHS has provided all of us with ups and downs throughout our four year journey. We’ve made everlasting friendships and memories, and at the same time, met people we would rather forget.