Balance is key for the Dexter Robotics Club

Not many students in Dexter High School know much about the robotics club, nor do they realize the effort the team puts into building robots for competitions. Most schools have their own team, with roughly 3000 teams nationally. Michigan is extremely competitive in the field of robotics, mainly due to the sheer amount of teams in the state: 422. That’s one-sixth of all the national teams in a single state. To stay competitive in this league, it’s a serious grind. Continue reading “Dreadbots”

Wheelchair Basketball

By Evelyn Maxey

The Social Justice Club hosts an annual wheelchair basketball game that raises money for veterans

In a world of negativity and animosity, light can be found in many things. Dexter High School has a new extracurricular addition which aims to provide support and acceptance to everyone in the community: The Social Justice Club.

“We aim to make our school and community a more equitable place by learning about, educating on, and acting on social issues,” said Ms. Hansen, a teacher coordinator for the club, “especially those affecting the most disadvantaged groups.”

With aims to make our school more open-minded, the Social Justice Club educates people on social issues, especially those involving disadvantaged groups. To raise awareness for one particular group, the they hosted a wheelchair basketball game between Army veterans and Navy veterans.

This event, that wouldn’t have been possible without the leadership of the game’s founder Gerald Hoff, was all about creating a more inclusive environment for veterans.

“This is an event all about veterans,” Hoff said, “It raises awareness about disability issues while emphasizing ability.”

Many veterans are wounded from service, which can isolate them from the rest of the world. These wounds can cause both a physical and emotional divide for veterans; to lessen that divide, we can find ways to support them and their wounds. Wheelchair basketball is a fun twist on regular basketball in that the players go back and forth on the court via wheelchairs to cater to the disabilities.

This passion has spread from Hoff to many Michigan football players. Former Michigan Quarterback and Placeholder Garrett Moores, who is heavily involved in the games, won the NCAA Holder of the Year award during his fifth and final year. His involvement in the games prompted his decision to continue supporting the charity the former winner chose to support, and continue to support veterans.

Additionally, all profits from the game went to the Ann Arbor Veterans Hospital.

“We basically looked up a ton of veteran charities, local and national, and the club decided they wanted to do a local charity,” Hansen said.

On Saturday March 3rd, both Army and Navy veterans suited up for wheelchair basketball.

Although the Army won with a final score of 59-44, the  game raised $1,051 which made this game was a slam dunk for both teams.


What a surprise? Dreadnaughts are good in the water (again)

What’s better than going back-to-back in the state championships? 

Going back-to-back-to-back.

Just ask the Men’s Swim and Dive team.

The Dreadnaughts won the state competition for the third year in a row on March 10, increasing their Division II championship total to five. Dexter finished the meet with a score of 241.5, beating second-place Rochester Adams by 21.5 points

Continue reading “Three-peat”

Dexter’s Walkout

By Isabella Franklin

On March 14, students around the United States took a stand about school safety and the value of student lives.

DHS students headed out of the school’s front doors after second hour with signs and chalk to express their views on gun reform, school security, and changing the country’s system. The walkout mainly involved listening to student speeches given by seniors Marin Waddington and Joe Ramey and inscribing messages on the sidewalk in front of the school.

To protect and monitor the students during the walkout, there were teachers lined near the school’s entrance and buses blocking every road entrance.

“To me, it means that we get to see all of the people who believe that we need to have a change in what’s happening in schools, and people that believe it’s really bad that this is still happening, even in 2018,” sophomore Katie Schroeder said. “I hope that it’ll show that people really care about this and that a lot of people want to see this change, and hopefully it’ll make people more inclined to make a decision to change this.”

Dexter advances to the second round

The Dexter men’s basketball team beat Pinckney yesterday 72-53. This win put Dexter into the second round of districts to face Huron on Wednesday night at Skyline high school. Dexter came out of the gate fast with relentless scoring and lockdown defense. The Pinckney Pirates never stood a chance; the Dreads controlled every single quarter. On the win, sophomore guard Marco Lucchesi said, “It’s one step closer to our goal . I’m glad we were able to get the win.” Dexter will look to win against Huron to advance to the district championship.

Dexter Hockey Eliminated from Playoffs

 Dexter took on Chelsea in the pre-regional finals. The game got off to an intense start with both teams battling hard to get an edge to score the first goal. Chelsea would be the first to strike, scoring just after the halfway point in the first period. The score would stay 1-0 until the Bulldogs scored again in the second period, putting them up by two. The Dreads fought hard to get back in the game, but a late goal from Chelsea would put the game away, thus ending the Dreads season. The Dreads would finish their year with a 17-9 record.

A Big Win for Dexter Women’s Basketball

The Lady Dreads shock Huron in the district opener

By Jillian Chesney

On Monday, the women’s basketball team took home a great win against Huron, 41-36.

Huron went through their entire season with a 19-1 record and they were ranked 5th in the state. The Lady Dreads came out of nowhere and surprised everyone.

Dexter entered the third quarter ahead by just one point in a seesaw game. Towards the end of the game, the score was still close.

Junior Sammi Corcoran had the most points in the game with 15, including a pair of 3-pointers late that turned a 34-32 deficit into a 38-34 lead. After Corcoran sank a pair of free throws to make it 40-36 a couple minutes left,  freshman Kylee Niswonger finalized the scoring by making a free throw with four seconds left in the game.

What’s next: Dexter takes on Ann Arbor Skyline in the district semifinals at 7 p.m. Wednesday at Pioneer High School.