A Comeback for Coming Home?

The DHS Student Council is making a push to bring back a winter dance; 68 percent of students are in favor of the proposal

By Alex Strang

The last time Dexter High School hosted a winter dance, the class of 2017 were freshmen. The dance was the same night as the Coming Home basketball game, and students paid five dollars for admission to both the dance and the game. “Less than one hundred kids showed up, and student council ended up losing money with the cost of the DJ,” student council adviser Al Snider said.

Coming Home used to be run in a similar fashion to Homecoming: game on Friday, dance on Saturday. However, when students began to not show up to the dance, Snider switched the system three years ago.

The profits gained from each school dance are split five ways to student council and to each graduation class for their senior trip. The problem with the winter dance three years ago was that only half of the money collected was split this way. The other half of the five dollars went to the athletic department for the basketball game. This made it twice as hard to gain a profit.

Having a dance on a Friday night after the basketball game presented multiple problems. Students didn’t have enough time to go to the game, get ready for the dance, and come back to the high school. If the dance were to be on another weekend besides the week of coming home, during the night of an away basketball game, then students that go to the game would not be able to attend the dance either.

A recent survey showed that a majority of the student body is interested in a winter dance. Of 187 students, 68 percent said they would go to a winter dance if the school hosted one. “I would go to a winter dance because it gives me a reason to dress up and hang out with my friends,” senior Meg Bellottie said.

Others want a winter dance because a similar event exists at neighboring high schools. “We should have a winter dance because our school only has homecoming and prom while other schools have more dances,” junior Madi Hofe said.

To have a successful winter dance, “at least 250 students need to show up to cover the cost of the DJ and to make a profit,” Snider said. If student council can figure out a date for a winter dance, then it is possible to bring it back this winter. This could permanently bring back a winter dance if a few hundred students attend.